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Indy Cycle Specialist Store front

Our Vision Statement

Become the driving force in the community for cycling, healthy lifestyle and promoting the bicycle revolution.

Our Mission Statement

To provide resources for anyone who likes riding a bike. By sharing our passion, we want to educate and inspire each individual through the love and joy of cycling.

Our Story

Back where it all began in 1993 at  S. Ritter

Indy Cycle Specialist has been in business since 1993.  It is owned and run by Scott Irons, a mountain bike rider, 20+ Year mechanic and wheel builder.

We are known for our customer service, and it shows that we truly love what we do. We are a full-service neighborhood bike shop.

“I am dedicated to giving my best and helping you ride any style of bike that you enjoy riding.

Thanks for visiting, and always Ride n’ Smile.”

Scott Irons

Meet the Team

ICS has a great group of riders that have a passion for bikes and would love to help you ride and grow you passion for bikes also.



A great mechanic who has been with ICS many years. John has over 20 years of wrenching experience, and enjoys all types of cycling.



She is a year round commuter, logging thousands of miles annually.  Doreen can help you with any ICS product and all of your riding questions.



Bob has been with ICS since 2006.  With his 10+ years of experience, he knows where everything is and can find it for you fast.



Mitch has been riding all types of bikes 17 years. Can help you pick out a great bike.