Scott is the shop owner and started ICS in 1993. He is a mountain bike rider and is always looking for his next intense adventure. Scott is a wheel building expert with over 20 years of experience building wheels. His custom hand built wheels are constructed with the highest detail so they last long and stay true. With his 25 plus years of bike mechanic experience he is very knowledgeable about every style of bike and riding style. Have questions? Scott can answer all of them!


Ron has been sharing his love for the outdoors for 30+ years. He has an affinity for cycling, paddling, and skiing. You may catch Ron at an Indianapolis Indians game, or cruising through downtown with his son on his Giant Revolt. Stop in and let Ron help you with a new bike or anything to help you have fun riding.


Steve has been in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. He enjoys long days of road and gravel cycling, as well as other outdoor activities like hiking, and cross-country skiing. Steve is especially at home in the outdoors, and would love to help you with your next adventure. Stop by and Steve can get you hooked up.


Jordan is our service manager, eager to help you with all of your repair needs. Jordan has been working on bikes since 1998, and has experience with every type of bicycle. He has a well versed BMX background, but enjoys every type of riding. Stop by and Jordan can get you fixed up!


Jake is a BMX and Downhill mountain bike racer at Marian University studying mechanical engineering. Although he is our newest member, he has multiple years of bike shop experience in his home of Annapolis, Maryland. Stop by and Jake can get you and your bike riding their best!


Nash is an avid mountain biker, and has been working with us since 2021. He enjoys chunky rock gardens, big jumps, and ski lifts. Outside of riding, he can be found wrenching on his car, petting his cat, or going out to eat. Stop by and Nash can help you pick the perfect bike for any trail!



Tom has worked at the shop since 2005 and has knowledge about all the bicycles. He has been been riding BMX style bikes for over 17 years. In his free time he like to visit BMX tracks, trails, and skate parks. He is the go-to guy for any BMX bike related questions. Tom's also a sign fabricator and has some bike mechanic experience too.